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Theme Parks In Australia


7 of the Hottest Theme Parks in Australia

June 3rd, 2009 by 

Australia has a lot to offer tourists of all ages. In addition to a trip to the Sydney Opera House or any of the country’s eclectic beaches, visitors enjoy exploring all aspects of Australian culture. To some, this means jumping from amusement park to amusement park in an effort to determine which ones are the most fun.



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Some of the largest amusement parks in Australia can be found on the Gold Coast in Queensland, an area already incredibly popular amongst tourists and beach goers. Other great parks can be found in New South Wales, Victoria, and even Western Australia. Not sure where to start? Try one of these seven incredible theme parks.

7. Sea World – Gold Coast, Queensland



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On the Gold Coast of Queensland you’ll find Sea World, the oldest theme park on the entire Gold Coast strip. This park, with branches around the world, opened in 1958. When it was originally opened it was known as Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens at Carrara but was renamed later in 1971.


Image CreditNotMarkAgain

The park has always featured a number of incredible marine life attractions. Within the park you’ll have the opportunity to meet the polar bears known to the public as Lia, Lutik, Hudson, and Nelson. Shark Bay is also an incredibly popular attraction, where visitors have the opportunity to both view and swim with the sharks. For a bit of added adventure you should head on over to the water ski show and check out some of the incredible acrobatic stunts.

6. Warner Bros Movie World – Gold CoastQueensland


Warner Bros Movie World - Gold Coast

Image Credit:Soapstar D’lux

Movie fanatics will really enjoy spending a day at the Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The park is full of incredible roller coasters and rides, each of which has its own movie-related theme. There are also dozens of movie related stunt shows and attractions as well.


Image Credit:Soapstar D’lux

Keep your eyes peeled as you walk down the streets here, too. The odds of running into movie greats like Marilyn Monroe or Batman are pretty high. If you remember them from your favorite movies, cartoons, and comic strips than you are likely to see them here.

5. Dreamworld – Gold Coast, Queensland



Image Credit:Soapstar D’lux

Dreamworld is an incredibly eclectic theme park, also located on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The park includes amusement attractions, an Australian wildlife area, a water park, and even an IMAX theater. Cartoon characters, including those from Nickelodeon, are often seen roaming the park.


Image Credit:Now I’m Always Smiling

The Claw and the Giant Drop are two of the parks tallest, fastest, and most popular coaster rides, especially amongst the older crowd. Young children will love Dreamworld as well, though. In 2005 Dreamworld opened Wiggles World, the official home of the Wiggles song and dance team most often seen on television and in concerts.

4. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World – Gold Coast, Queensland



Image Credit:Now I’m Always Smiling

Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World is an incredible water park open almost all year round. The park is only closed on Christmas Day, though it often has reduced or varying hours depending on the weather conditions during the rest of the year. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World is advertised as being the largest water park in all of Australia.


This park is one of many owned by Warner Village Theme Parks – also owner of Warner Bros Movie World. Attractions here include water slides, lazy rivers, surfing pools, and much more.

3. Luna Park – Sydney HarborNew South Wales


Luna Park - Sydney Harbor

Image CreditPredrag_Bubalo

Sydney was once the home to several different theme parks, all of which eventually closed or failed. Luna Park, on the Sydney Harbor, is the only park that remains today and has had a rocky history of its own. The park opened in the 1930′s, was destroyed by fire in the 1960′s, and finally reopened for good in April of 2004.


Image Credit:suburbanbloke

Luna Park is a traditional, carnival-style amusement park. It features a merry-go-round, a spectacular Ferris wheel, and a number of additional rides. The park can be easily accessed by the wharf or by taking a very short walk from the train station.

2. Sovereign Hill – Victoria



Image Credit://domonic

Sovereign Hill is not your average theme park. Sitting on over 60-acres of land in what is considered to be Victoria’s goldfields. Sovereign Hill offers more of a historical adventure than anything else. The park represents what life was like on Ballart between 1851 and 1861 – the first 10 years after gold was first discovered there.


Image Credit:avlxyz

There are dozens of activities to keep you busy in Sovereign Hill. Stroll through Goldfields Township to see the traditional 1850′s craftsmen working in their shops. You can also visit Red Hill and Quarts Mines for a chance to pan for some gold of your own.

1. Adventure World – PerthWestern Australia


Adventure World can be found approximately 20 minutes outside of Perth in Bibra Lake. The park is a favorite amongst both locals and tourists, featuring fun roller coasters, water rides, and even a race track.


Image Credit:webmonkey44

This park has a shorter season than some of the others, usually ranging from late September until the end of April. The park usually opens early on Boxing Day in January and extends it hours and days of operation during periods when local schools are closed.

No matter what part of Australia you visit you’re bound to find at least one or two amusement parks worth visiting. Make sure you stop by at least one or two so that you can include some of these incredible attractions and roller coasters to your list of accomplishments!